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Upgrade Your Incident Management System from Technical To Techno Legal Perspective

Incident Management is an important part of any Information Security Management System. An efficient Incident Management System starts with the identification of the incident at an early time and resolving it before the damage manifests.

With the change in the IS perspective from Technical to Techno Legal, it has become necessary to change the perspective of Incident Management from Technical to Techno Legal.

While a technical perspective of incident management system is managed with the identification of an interruption of a service or an early warning there of, and resolved with a raising of a ticket that is attended by the service desk, the techno legal perspective of incident identification requires a person to evaluate the technical triggers from a legal perspective.

It is also possible that many of the incidents escalate into a dispute and needs to be managed at the legal level.

It is desirable that Companies incorporate in their Techno Legal incident management system an Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) mechanism so that incidents which have a potential to result in unpleasant litigations can be resolved amicably.

Naavi advocates the incorporation of an Ombudsman service as part of the dispute resolution mechanism and link it to the Incident Management System.

When a management invokes the services of the e-Ombudsman, the e-Ombudsman will try to analyze the incidents thrown up by the technical system and assist the management in identifying incidents that have the potential to escalate into a legal dispute.

Additionally, as and when the dispute actually materializes, the e-Ombudsman would assist the Company and the person who has the dispute to resolve the dispute amicably through e-mediation.

e-Ombudsman.in will develop a panel of experts who may act as Ombudsmen in different industries and with different specializations. Such experts will be drawn not only from Cyber Law area but also from the areas of labour law as may be required.

On this day 17th October 2014, the 14th anniversary of the Digital Society Day, the service of e-Ombudsman is being formally launched.

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